This Dad's Punishment for His Daughter's Huge Cellphone Bill Is Everything

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I don't know about you, but I can't help but cringe at those viral videos of parents who humiliate their kids for bad behavior. There's something really sad about having a mom or dad publicly shame their own children when effing up seems to be in the dictionary definition of "being a teenager." Luckily, not every viral sensation punishment is as embarrassing or cruel. This dad just came up with a genius way to "punish" his daughter for her super high cellphone bill, and he deserves an award for serving up the Lesson of the Year.

We've all been guilty of going a little too SnapChat happy and ringing up a massive data bill, and 13-year-old Julia Cramer is no exception. She racked up over $500 bucks on her family's cellphone plan, which wasn't exactly a happy surprise for her dad, Jared. But instead of locking her in her room, he grounded her stuff instead. Jared put Post-It notes on Julia's favorite things with notes on what chores she would have to do to earn them back, and it's pretty damn genius.

Here's how it worked: if Julia wanted to wear things like her favorite pair of shoes or rock her fave lipstick color, she would have to do a certain amount of chores in order to "unlock" them. Jared's punishment was hardly unreasonable: the punishment started over a week before school did, so Julia could realistically earn back everything in her closet before heading back for the first day. While her makeup, sweaters, and other "extras" were locked away, Julia still had three outfits and the essentials to get by until the chores were complete. Sounds pretty fair to me.
Yeah, okay, doing chores to get back your own stuff is totally annoying, but so is shelling out major bucks so that your daughter can post Instagram pics of the last days of summer. This dad did what every punishment should do: teach you the value of hard work while giving you incentive to never, ever screw up in the same way again.

Teens are inevitably going to mess up sometimes - heck, that's what your teen years are for! - but something tells me that Julia is being raised right by her smart dad.
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