New Facebook Feature Judges You For Who You're Friends With

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Facebook's been dreaming big lately with initiatives like using drones to bring the internet to people all over the world and making live chatting with your favorite celebrities a reality. They've also started enhancing parts of their user interface. The three major changes are a Donate Now feature, a new venture into data that judges you for who you're friends with (not kidding), and an enhanced Notes feature (yes, Notes is the feature that literally no one uses.) Let's break them down.

A New Feature That Judge's You For Who You're Friends With

It was announced in August that Facebook filed a patent that allows data from their social network to influence lending decisions for bank applicants. No, I'm not kidding. Remember that girl in high school you spent a summer with partying way too hard? Make sure she makes better life decisions now in the financial department, or you might want to un-friend her.

Donate Now

Facebook added a "Donate Now" button to both ads and pages, making it easier for non-profits to raise money for their cause. #CyberHighFive

Notes Enhancements

You've probably been tagged in a Facebook Note at some point in your life, but it's known knowledge that this hasn't been the sexiest of Facebook features. The company is aiming to give the feature a facelift, providing the ability to link, hashtag, and add photos to send to a customized group of friends. This seems like LinkedIn groups to me, but unlike LinkedIn where everything is business-oriented, Notes can be more of a blogging platform on an array of topics. I'm willing to give this feature a shot before I make a final assessment.

What do you think? Are you excited—or concerned—with Facebook's new features? Tweet me @ekpochop.


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