#StopTheHate: This Female Is Taking Down A Major Website

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Reddit, a social network news site, is being called out for its lack of policy around internet harassment. Internet activist Casey Stevens is spearheading project Operation Reddit Shine, forcing Reddit to acknowledge the harassment and racism on their site. Casey's operation is bringing the online hate-crimes to advertisers on Reddit, who otherwise have no idea that their ads are being ran next to racially discriminating content.

After first alerting Reddit with a petition when she was racially discriminated against on the site, Casey found that her efforts fell short, writing in the Huffington post, " ... a month later, when Reddit banned five subreddits whose users were found harassing others on and off the site, many were dismayed by the fact that almost all of the racist subreddits remained."

Adding fuel to the fire, Adweek reported that a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center states that Reddit has become an "incubator for white supremacists, boasting the 9th highest Alexa Internet traffic ranking in the United States and the 36th worldwide. Many of Reddit's racist subreddits are among its most popular."

Back in August NBC reported that a "subreddit" of discriminatory nature, a white nationalist group, provided a template for using Reddit to recruit for their cause. Let me state the obvious: This is wrong, hateful, and completely messed up.

Casey's efforts aren't going unnoticed with advertisers - Color of Change recently pulled one of their ads from Reddit, stating that their views didn't align with that of the ads (obvi.) Casey is next going to target Netflix and other big Reddit advertisers, hoping they, too, will pull their advertisements.

NBC also called out Reddit's CEO Steve Huffman for attempting to "hide hate" and ignore the discriminatory content and ads on the website, further bringing to light that more and more racist and hateful initiatives are present and active on the website.

Casey's attempts (and wins) in targeting advertisers to take down their ads will most definitely hurt the website financially, and her petitions to raise awareness are working. We can only imagine that with a voice from mega-giant Netflix will give her and the rest of Operation Reddit Shine they need to get that type of action that will #StopTheHate.

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