These Frizzy Hair Busting Tips Will Change Your Life

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Frizzy hair can be so annoying.

Just when you think your hair is slaying, that frizz can pop out of nowhere and ruin your entire vibe...amiright? The good news is natural beauty guru and Alba Ramos has tried a ton of things to get rid of frizz so you don't have to, and offers up her advice on that and general natural beauty tips on her super popular SunKissAlba YouTube page and on her ICON network "Natural Beauty" show.

"The question I'm most asked is "How does my hair look so frizz-less and so curly all the time?,'" Alba told us. "My answer is simple. I haven't straightened my hair in over five years and when you get to a point where your hair cooperates with you because you treat it so treats you well back."
"My curls look this good because this is how it's naturally supposed to be," she continued, discussing her natural hair journey. "Years ago my hair did not curl this way and it was always a struggle that seemed like more work to make it look decent."

Now that Alba has rocked her natural, curly hair for some time now she's become a bit of an expert when it comes to beating frizz. "Frizz free hair begins with the way you cleanse, dry and style your hair," she said. "Frizzy hair is not a hair type, it's just a curl waiting to happen." Love that statement.

To prevent frizz, Alba swears by these steps (which we're totally going to try):

1. After washing her hair, she rinses it with cold water instead of hot water before coming out of the shower. "Warm/Hot water overly dries hair and can remove lots of moisture," she said. "Cold water seals in moisture, adds shine and prevents frizz." Who knew?!

2. Next, she uses a micro fiber towel to dry her hair instead of a cotton towel because cotton adds friction and dryness, which leads to frizz.
3. After that, she rakes her products of choice in her hair to style it. "What makes my hair look perfectly styled is that I do not manipulate my hair after styling, she said.

4. She lets her hair air dry and does not touch or separate her curls until her hair is all the way dry. "This allows my hair to settle in place without the frizz we add with our hands during the air drying process," she continued. "So, NO TOUCHING until after your hair dries.

We think we can handle that. Excuse us while we hop in the shower and try this out. We've got some #hairgoals to achieve.

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