This Brilliant Baby Found the Best Way to Escape Having Her Nails Cut

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This little girl might only be a baby, but she already knows what she does and doesn't want out of life and in this exact moment, she does NOT want her nails cut.

Sure, she could scream or cry or throw a tantrum - it's just that those things are SO overdone in the baby world. So, she took a different approach, she pranked her dad and she knew exactly what she could do to stop him in his tracks. She would scream like he was hurting her, which is obviously the last thing any parents wants to do and it was extremely effective in getting him to pull those scissors away from her precious nails.

Of course, it was hilarious and she knew it, so she would totally give herself away with her adorable little giggle every time it worked. At one point, she full-on belly laughs and it's seriously too cute for words.

It is pretty much impossible to watch that video and not laugh right along with her. And the sweetness of the dad giggling right along with her makes for the absolute perfect precious moment.

"Look who learned how to scare her daddy!" her mom wrote on Facebook, where the video has already been viewed over 25 million times. Well played, little one!
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