This Little Girl Is Adorably Terrified Of Her Own Shadow

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Shadows are weird things. If you focus too much attention on them, they can get really annoying because you essentially have this big dark blob attached to your foot wherever you go and it can feel a bit ball and chain-ish. So, most of us have learned to just ignore them.

But, what about when you're a toddler and you have absolutely no idea why this creepy thing on the ground will NOT stop following you? You run, it runs, you swerve, it swerves. It would be absolutely maddening, not to mention totally terrifying. You don't know what this mysterious ground monster is capable of and you're not gonna stick around to find out, thank you very much.

In this video, an adorable little girl experiences the terror of discovering the whole shadow sitch and even now, as adults, when we fully understand what it's all about, we still feel for her.

Her dad originally posted the video on Facebook and it got over 800,000 shares because it's so darn cute. It even became a meme...for the adults, of course.

LMAO... poor baby

Posted by Kevin Hart on Friday, September 11, 2015
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