This Sassy Little Girl Explains Why She's Not a Princess...Yet!

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Let's get one thing straight: If you are going to have a convo with this adorable little girl, there are some ground rules we need to establish.

First of all, you can take video, but absolutely no photos. No, it isn't up for discussion. Next, you can not ask her any questions, she decides where this conversation will or will NOT be going. Most importantly, her dad can not call her his little "princess."

Why? Lots of reasons. Let's start with her dress. For some reason, her parents decided to buy her a "normal" dress and princesses don't wear "normal" dresses, duh!

Also, if she did have a princess-worthy dress, she would also need sparkly bracelets to go with it, another problem Dad clearly needs to rectify. And while he's at it, he needs to get her a sparkly princess headband, too. Please and thank you.

The good news is that her video went viral and she even got Katy Perry's attention, who made a pretty important point. This little girl is not a princess, she's a QUEEN! And KP wants to make sure the Queen gets her sparkly jewelry that is fit for her highness: The good news is that Katy's Kickstarter won't be necessary because her Dad shared in the video caption that she has since gotten the necessary accessories and she is now properly adorned as a Princess or Queen or whatever she wants to be!
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