5 Times When You Should Never Cancel Plans, So Save Your Netflix Binge For Later

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We've all been guilty of canceling plans, sometimes for absolutely no good reason - even our girl Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she's guilty of flaking on pals to binge watch reruns of The Hills. Sometimes the struggle to get up and get dressed is way too real, and the pull of the couch is just a tad stronger than the push to be social and and hit the mall with friends. Even if most of us would hate to admit this, canceling plans can be strangely relieving - it's no wonder that most of us are guilty of doing it more than once.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can get away with ditching your pals at the drop of the hat every single time you're feeling just a tad bit "blah." While everyone is allowed to follow their bliss (even if it is to the Ben & Jerry's in the fridge) there are some times when canceling plans, does, in fact, make you a jerk. Here are five times when leaving your friends in the lurch is a huge no-no, so save your skipped plans for when you really, really need some R&R.

1. When your friend is going through a tough time and really needs to talk.

So you're way behind on Pretty Little Liars and need to find out who A is like, yesterday. But is that really more important than hanging out with your pal who just broke up with her boyfriend of two years? It might be exhausting listening to your friend rehash her breakup story, but just remember how badly you would need to talk things out if you were in that same situation.

2. When you have plans with someone you rarely see because they live far away.

Bailing on plans in hopes that you'll both be able to rearrange your busy schedules is a risk that you should only take if you're not interested in maintaining a strong friendship with this person. Otherwise, show some courtesy and stick to your original plans: if your friend is willing to go out of her way for you, then you can muster up the energy for a fun dinner.

3. When you volunteered to help them with something.

Whether it's studying for an exam or fixing up their web page design, you were the one who offered assistance in the first place. Don't make an offer you're willing to go back on the second you feel a slight sniffle coming on.

4. When it's a date with someone you genuinely like.

You're more than welcome to bail on a date with someone you're not super into, but if you are into a person who was cool enough to want to go out with you in the first place, the least you can do is show up. You don't want to have to explain that you only ditched your movie date because you wanted to watch a movie alone on the couch instead.

5. When it's less than 10 minutes before you were supposed to meet up.

Umm... not cool. At all. Your friend has already put on pants to go and meet up with you, so you better be willing to do the same. Canceling plans can be a beautiful thing, but doing it too much may make people wonder why they ever asked to hang out with you in the first place. If you're going to bail on plans, at least be a decisive ditcher.
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