6 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Making a Major Hair Color Change

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There's nothing that refreshes your look quite like a major hair overhaul. If you've been rocking the same colored locks forever, it might be time to make a change and swap your current color for its complete opposite on the spectrum. That's not to say that making a huge hair color change is easy. Logically you may know that your hair is just, well, hair, that doesn't mean that taking a leap of faith and re-doing your 'do is a simple decision.

It takes a lot of emotional energy to change things up in the hair color department. Here are the six thoughts that every girl has before making major hair moves.

1. "My life will totally change once I'm a blonde/brunette/redhead/fierce pastel queen."

New look, new you, right? Nothing says "I'm channeling Katy Perry's confidence" like borrowing her forest-green tips.

2. "... But what if I damage my hair forever?!"

If you're going HAM on bleach to get a Debby Ryan-like grey, then yeah, your hair will probs feel like straw way longer than you want it to. It's a sad fact of fab hair.

3. "Whatever, I'll just use coconut oil like it's my job."

Strengthening your locks is beyond important post-dye job. You don't want your pretty new color to come out in clumps.

4. "What if I hate it and have to wear a hat for months?!"

It's always a risk, so bring in lots of pics of your favorite looks so your colorist can get a better idea of what you actually want.

5. "Can I even afford this upkeep?"

Maybe you're dropping mad bills at the salon for a huge change, but aren't so thrilled about having to hit up the salon and spend even more cash every six to eight weeks. If that's the case, definitely talk to your colorist about what your options are - and if you might be able to do some upkeep at home for cheap!

6. "Screw it. Change me!"

At the end of the day, it's just hair - and life is way too short not to go after what you want.

Go forth and make a major color change, girls. Whatever you choose, rock it with confidence.
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