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Beauty Steal: Score the Airbrushed Look for Only One Buck

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I love to watch makeup videos on YouTube, especially the tutorials, and I love to find out what the latest makeup products are. My latest obsession is the Beauty Blender! I love how it looks and how the makeup artists make it look to easy to use. It makes their faces look flawless - their foundation was so blended! It definitely looked better then just blending in your foundation with a brush, almost airbrushed. I totally wanted one and saw they cost $20 each at Sephora. I thought this wasn't too bad, but $20 for a sponge? I looked on eBay in hopes that I could find one for a cheaper price.

But then, I thought maybe I should check out my local stores and see if I can find one faster without all the shipping/handling and waiting hassle. First, I had to go to the Dollar Store for a couple of things, so while I was browsing, something bright and purple caught my eye. I looked over at the makeup aisle and saw small bags containing a small teardrop sponge. I never thought they would sell any here! I bought it to see how it works. After all, it was only $1!

Once I got home, I primed my face. I opened the bag, took my copycat Beauty Blender out and soaked it in a bowl of water. I put some foundation on my hand, dipped the sponge in and started to pat everything in on my face. Once done, I actually was pleased with the results. My face did look better, and my foundation was blended in a more satisfactory way. I recommend it to all the girls out there who are looking for a cheap alternative (to Sephora's $20 version) but want it to actually work! They're made by Sassy & Chic and can by found at your local Dollar Stores now.

I will post a video about this soon, but for now, here's my written review. Thanks for reading!
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