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Clear Your DVR: These 8 New Series Are Worth Watching

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Believe it or not, there are more things to get excited about other than Starbucks' PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes). -Gasps- I know! Trust me, I didn't think so either, #basic. That's until I saw the line-up of TV shows premiering this fall. Before you read this article and watch the trailers, you should probably first empty out your DVR to make room for TV's new hot thangs.

Monday, October 26, 8:30/7:30c on CBS

YAAAAAS! Now this is a show that has #bossb**ch written all over it. It's about time Supergirl gets her own show (#sorrynotsorry Clark Kent). CBS's new series stars Melissa Benoist as Kryptonian exile Kara Zor-El (aka Superman's cousin). The show follows this fierce and bada** lady as she finally embraces her powers after 24 years of hiding them. Supergirl also stars Calista Flockhart, Chyler Leigh, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood and Jeremy Jordan.

The Muppets
Tuesday, September 22, 8/7c, on ABC

Who didn't love the Muppets growing up? If you didn't, then we are no longer friends. Not to break any hearts, but if you didn't hear, Kermit and Miss Piggy have broken up, and now Kermit's dating a new pig named Denise. We'll be able to see how the dating life for Kermit is like and what Miss Piggy has been up to. ABC is calling The Muppets a docu-comedy that will be giving America's favorite puppets an edgier makeover.

Scream Queens
Tuesday, September 22, 8/7c, on FOX

If you haven't seen the promos for Scream Queens, I'm not sure where you've been hiding. American Horror Story fans should be excited for this one because Ryan Murphy is the man behind it all. The new FOX series follows a snobby sorority being stalked by a killer from their past. We'll probably be hearing a lot of screams (just a wild guess). Emma Roberts stars but isn't the only famous face. She's joined by scream queen OG Jaime Lee Curtis, Lea Michelle, Abigail Breslin and even Ariana Grande makes a cameo.

​Monday, September 21, 10/9c, on NBC

If you're a big Thor fan, then get prepared to squeal. Thor's Jaimie Alexander is starring in NBC's new thriller. Without giving too much away, Jaimie plays a woman who's found naked in Times Square (no, she's not the Naked Cowgirl) with her body fully covered in some interesting tattoos. It gets better! The woman has no memories of her past. The FBI obviously gets involved and tries to follow the road map on her body, while bringing her closer to the truth about her identity. I don't know about you, but give me a mystery and some Sour Patch Kids, and I'm good to go.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Monday, October 12, at 8/9c on CW

CW is stepping out of their comfort zone and going with a show that seems to be heavy on the musical element. Devil Wears Prada screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna is behind it along with former YouTube star, Rachel Bloom. You're probably thinking to yourself, nah I won't watch this one. But wait! The actor who voiced Hans in Frozen, Santino Fontana, stars in the show. Did I win you over?

Blood & Oil
Sunday, September 27, 9/8c, on ABC

Gossip Girl fans, well more like wannabe Nate Archibald fiancees, you're going to need to get some air. Bae is officially back! Unfortunately, Chace Crawford has a wife in this show and lands in an oil boom town with her along with a plan to get rich. Just say the name Chace Crawford, and I'm all over this one.

Tuesday, September 29, 8/7c, on Fox

I'm so excited to see this duo in action, but more than anything, for the laughing abs I'll have. Putting John Stamos and Josh Peck in one show was the most genius idea ever. John stars as Jimmy, an aging bachelor who discovers he has a son (Josh Peck) who also has a child, which makes him a grandfather. Hmm...this is going to be interesting!

Angel From Hell
Tuesday, November 17, 9:30/8:30c, on CBS

We're finally getting to see the Jane Lynch we love, play someone who resembles her personality. Bye Sue Sylvester! Jane is an angel. No legit - she plays an angel who is sent down to look over a young woman by the name of Maggie Lawson. The series is a single-camera comedy, which is rare for CBS, but I'm still excited to see how it turns out.
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