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Step Inside the 'Girl Meets World' Fandom

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Welcome back for a special article!
My fandom is pretty crazy. It's the Girl Meets World fandom. There are over 500 Twitter accounts, Instagram handles, Vine pages, Tumblr blogs and YouTube channels about the show. The fandom, usually combined with the Boy Meets World fans, focuses mostly on the fab four of the show: Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Corey Fogelmanis and Peyton Meyer. Now that you know a little bit about us, let's take a look into the fandom.

First, let's start with the Instagram GMW fandom. Probably the biggest account is @corpanga.

come on Lucas

A photo posted by bmw & gmw (@corpanga) on

She was one of the first BMW and GMW accounts with more follows than some celebrities. And then there is @girlmeetsworldhd, another big account. Then comes the edits. My favorite edit/au account is @gmweditss. The Insta fandom is mostly edits and role play, much less drama than Tumblr.

Then the YouTube and Vine fandom. My favorite YouTuber that is GMW would have to be Jona. She is the most neutral and sweetest person I know. And for Vine, my favs are kleigh and my lucaya girl. Great edits and even greater people.

Now the Twitter fandom is insane and adorable. My all-time favorite Twitter is my babe Rob (editor's note: It seems he's taken down his account). He is probably the chillest and funniest person in the fandom, not to mention his amazing icon and layout. He ships Lucaya (Lucas and Maya), but he is very level-headed when it comes to ships. It gets really insane on here, but you haven't even seen the worst yet.

After that, there is the Wattpad fandom: great stories, a lot of shade. My personal favorite fanfic writer is @lucayas. One problem about Wattpad: The dirtiness is insane, like you need to watch out with what you are reading. LOL.

And the most insane of all: Tumblr. Hundreds of blogs, hundreds of fights. And you'll definitely want to stay out of those. My favorite Tumblr is hashtaglucaya. The whole account is a hilarious ball of sunshine just like the owner.

Welcome to the fandom from my perspective! It's crazy, but the people you meet along the way become your best friends. Tell me about your fandom in the comments and follow my personal GMW fan pages:
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