Guys Try to Explain Tampons and Pads in Hilarious Video

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How do you get guys to understand that having your period can really be the worst sometimes? Let them try and figure out even the smallest bit of what you have to go through. The struggle is real guys, as seen with these men who try to explain tampons and pads.

Even if they don't understand 1/10 of what women face when it's shark week every month, at least these guys are a little less clueless.

The question at the heart of the Facts YouTube channel video is whether or not guys have any idea how pads and tampons work...the answer is pretty hilarious.

While this is just about the period products –they have no sense of PMS, cramps, feeling moody and altogether a hot mess every month - at least it's a start.

Also, it's wildly entertaining to see these guys try and figure things out. The commentary is hilarious. The placement of a tampon? Yikes. The guy who creates a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mask out of an enormous nighttime maxi pad? The best.
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