Mom Causes Controversy After Posting "Tough Love" Letter to Her Son on Facebook

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Like it or not, a lot of parents are on Facebook now - or "the Facebook" as many of them call it. Unfortunately, some of them are using it to leave embarrassing comments on our photos, or worse, using it as a way to punish us.

There have been quite a few public shaming incidents on the social media site and just when we thought we'd seen every possible way parents could punish their kids, this letter popped up and went viral almost instantly.

"The child is going to have a rude awakening today after the words he exchanged with me last night. Not only will be find this on the door, but his mattress stripped, and the toys and clothes that I bought confiscated," his mom wrote in the caption. "He will have three options.. Buy his own, rent his clothes at $3 a day, or renegotiate his terms of being a child. Mama's done playing games and being a doormat."

The no-nonsense letter was shared over 161,000 times and was "liked" over 86,000 times. In the comments, there were people on both sides of the argument. Some criticized her for publicly shaming her son, while others praised her for giving her son some a big giant dose of reality.

In an update posted to her page, Aaron's mom revealed that she didn't even mean to share the letter publicly, but she's also not ashamed of the way she disciplined her son. And it sounds like the letter was extremely effective.

After getting over his initial anger about receiving the letter, Aaron took his own television out of his room "because he felt he didn't deserve it, and it was something that he needed to earn back." They also had a talk about how he could earn some of his other things back.

She also revealed that it's had an effect on his thinking, too. When they were at the store, he asked if he could get a soda and his mom said it was all right, but Aaron was hesitant. "I said it was ok, and he wanted to know how much it would cost, if we had enough, if I was sure it was ok. It may have seemed like tough love, or a harsh reality check, but putting it into practice has been fairly gentle," she explained.

According to her updates, he has been trying harder since the "open letter" she wrote to him, but maybe it would have been just as effective if she had given it to him OFFline?


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