SunKissAlba's Top 5 Natural Beauty Products You Need Right Now

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When it comes to natural beauty, YouTube star SunKissAlba knows her stuff (seriously, look at the shot above), so before we hit the store to pick out a few new beauty products for fall, we went straight to her to get the scoop on exactly what we should add to our regimen.

When we asked the star about her natural beauty essentials, Alba told us, "My top five products are Dr. Bronners 18-in-1 Liquid Soap, DevaCurl One Condition, RMS "Un-Cover Up" concealer, 100% Pure Luminous Primer and Zuii Organic Lipliner (Color Spice)." And then she broke down why she loves each product so much.

1. Dr. Bronners Soap: "[This} is an amazing powerful cleanser with all natural organic ingredients," she said, adding that she uses it as a shampoo, body wash, and facial wash (!). "I especially love the Rose and Lavender scent because its calming and makes me feel relaxed at night."

2. DevaCurl One Condition: Alba says this conditioner is "amazing," but she only uses it occasionally because "it's very pricey" (about $20 for a 12 oz. bottle). "What I love about this conditioner is it's so balanced with hydration, it can be used not just to condition and detangle but to also to co-wash (instead of using shampoo) and to leave in as a styler as well."

3. RMS Concealer: "[This one] has the best ingredients I've ever seen in any concealer," she told us. "It covers very well and can help fight aging with its awesome ingredients list especially formulated for under eyes like an eye cream and concealer in one."

4. 100% Pure Luminous Primer: This is my favorite because it's not only a natural primer with great ingredients. It provides an amazing base with less visible pores, and glowing skin to prep for makeup," she said. "It's my little secret to having glowing skin with and without makeup.
5. Zuii Organic Lipliner: "[This lip liner] is so wearable and sexy," she said. "It's the perfect wearable plum color that I consider the new nude color. It appears as if my lips are naturally that plum mauve tone."

Alba got us like...

We can't wait to try every single one of these products! For more beauty tips from Alba, don't forget to check out her new ICON Network show "Natural Beauty."


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