This Guy's Skinny Jeans Stopped Him From Being Robbed

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We have a love hate relationship with skinny jeans. They're SOOOOO uncomfortable (even jeggings aren't as comfortable as they claim to be), yet we love the way they look, so it's a sacrifice we sometimes have to make. Sometimes.

And don't even get us started about trying to take them off. We've all had that moment of panic, where we fear we're going to become the first girl to ever become permanently stuck in her skinny jeans.


As uncomfortable as skinny jeans are for us, imagine how they feel for guys who, you know, have some extra stuff getting squished under that super tight fabric. In this 27-year-old New Yorker's case, though, he decided to rock his skinny jeans one day and they actually helped prevent him from getting mugged.

How, you ask? If you've worn them, you've probably already guessed. Just as it's impossible for us to get stuff out of our own pockets while we're wearing them, the would-be robbers couldn't remove the guy's iPhone 6 or wallet from his super tight skinny jeans.
Part of series showing different ways one carries a smartphone, in the back pocket of tight jeans
"They couldn't even get a finger in my pocket," the victim told the New York Post. "They were just arguing amongst themselves . . . like, 'Get into his front pocket! Get into his left pocket!' And the other would say, 'I can't get it! I can't!' ... It was kind of hilarious and scary at the same time."

Skinny jeans: Stopping crime one tight pocket at a time.

Suffice it to say, this guy is definitely glad he wore his skinny jeans that day!
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