This "KFC Meal" Was Made Without a Single Piece of Chicken

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For some strange reason, we're fascinated by foods that look like other foods and this culinary creation is no exception.

It looks like a delicious KFC meal, complete with the bucket of chicken (of course!), corn, gravy, a soda, popcorn chicken and some fries. Looks delicious, right? It probably is, but when you take a bite out of it, the LAST thing you'll be thinking is 'chicken.'

Shockingly, this masterpiece is actually made out of cake. Yes, seriously.


The baker behind the brilliant design shared it on her Instagram page and it quickly went viral because it's straight up sorcery.

"My KFC cake haha I had an absolute blast making this. No chicken in sight & 95% edible," she captioned the photo above. Now that we know it's a dessert, we can kinda see some of the real food hiding in there. Like the jelly beans that make up part of the corn. So creative!

In an interview with the Daily Mail that she made it for a family friend's birthday. And here's the crazy part: She's not even a full-time baker, she just does it as a hobby. By day, she's a computer programmer. Yeah, she's kind of a Superwoman!

Here are some of the other cool things she's created:

(h/t Cosmopolitan)
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