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What Does a Girl Really Want?

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What does a girl want? That could be the most complicated question in life. The answer, however, is not so complicated.

Girls grow up hearing and reading fairy tales. Girls are the lost princesses bearing all the crap their stepmothers have put on them, the cruelty the world has forced to envelope around them. And all that's left for them is tolerance and hope, so it's not crazy that every girl sees herself as a little Cinderella or Aurora and hopes that one day, her prince will come and free her from the curse - the unjust fate she has been facing, the sleep she can't wake up from or the tower she's captive in.

To the people imagining girls as some awkward aliens from Mars, we are not as difficult to understand as you may think. All a girl wants is for someone to want them back.
Yup! It's as simple as that. No matter how arrogant the cheerleading captain or the debate society president at your school is, that's all she'll ever want: someone to love her like she deserves, someone to make her dreams come true.

Her dreams may consist of palaces, diamonds and Volvos, but, believe me, true love outcasts it all. I've seen it happen to the most popular girls in my school, and it's true. So love them. Make them happy. If they wanna buy a cub, give them a kitten. Small things filled with love do just the same magic. All you have to do is give. Give love. Show her that you want her and nothing else from her. And I bet that your girl will be the happiest princess in the whole kingdom.
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