Amber Rose Turns the 'Walk of Shame' Into a 'Stride of Pride'

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Get yours, girl! Amber Rose isn't about doing the "walk of shame" and in this epic Funny or Die video that manages to be both hilarious and empowering, she demonstrates how every girl can transform that journey into the "stride of pride."

As Amber exits the guy's house, clearly wearing her clothes from the night before (and looking pretty fine tbh!) she bumps into the milk man, who sees last night's outfit and clearly knows what our girl just got up to. Does she run back inside? Dive into a bush? Make up some lame excuse for why she's wearing she's wearing last night's outfit? Hell to the no. She owns it and the milk man gives her mad props for 'living her best life.'

And things just keep getting better. As Amber struts her way back home, she gets a collective "Yasssss!" from the community as they see that she had a fabulous night last night. The Mayor even gives her the key to the city for the confidence in the choices she makes and the way she celebrates her body.

Just when we thought this video had maxed out on the amazing scale, Amber's one night stand tracks her down and it's Orange Is The New Black star Matt McGorry. "Amber, you forgot to leave your number," he says, and she's like nope, I didn't forget!


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