Is This G-Rated 'Trap Queen' Version the Lamest Cover Ever?

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If Kidz Bop and radio edit versions of songs have taught us anything, it's that songs with racy lyrics suffer like no other when you try to clean them up.

Like...why even bother?

Check out what happens when Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" gets sanitized to become the lamest G-rated song ever though. Kid actor/singer George Dalton takes a cheesy turn at "Trap Queen," cleaning up the lyrics and pretty much killing the entire vibe of the song.

Just one example: He changes "Man, I swear I love her how she work the damn pole" to "Man, I swear I love it how she work the hot stove."

There's also some literal pie baking going on in the kitchen. Like 'ya do when you're trying to make "Trap Queen" crazy wholesome.

Oh, kid. We aren't feelin' it.

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