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Nick Jonas Inspired Me to Live my Dream

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I've been a fangirl since forever, and it's not that easy for me to live my life. Some people actually make fun of it. They probably wonder why girls like us waste our time and money to buy merch and all those concerts tickets while we get nothing in return from our idols.Here I am to prove them wrong.

Our idols inspire and motivate us in so many ways. Maybe they inspired us with their lifestyles and fashion, inspired us with their music and all. I remember when I went to Fall Out Boy's concert back in 2013 in Jakarta, there was this fan video being played on the big screen. One of the guys in the video said, "I picked up my guitar because of Pete Wentz, I want to be just like him." Or girls who are having body image issues can look up to Demi Lovato. There are so many positive vibes we can bring into our lives from our idols, but unlike that guy who picked up his guitar or those girls who are struggling with their body image issues, I got inspired by my idol, Nick Jonas.
Nick Jonas GifI know you guys probably think, "Of course you like Nick; he's good looking and sexy." I might have to prove that you are (partly) wrong. Sure, I like Nick because of his looks and his personality; he's amazing and musically talented. But there is something about him that makes him so special to me more than my other idols.

I remember watching a video of his "A Little Bit Longer" speech back in 2008 and had tears. It was a video of him telling us how he struggled since the day he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2005. I could only imagine how hard it was for a 15 year old boy at that time. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to live out his dreams and make music. He was in the middle of a tour, and the night he was on the way to the hospital, he made a commitment to himself that he wouldn't let diabetes slow him down.

I adore him so much for saying that because I know it wouldn't be easy to live with diabetes. It was one of my biggest fears to get the disease because my grandma has it. I remember being 17 or 18 when I cut down sugar because I was so afraid to get diabetes until the doctor said I didn't need to do that because my body actually needs sugar.
sugar gifI might not get diabetes (for now), but I've had a stomach ulcer since I was 15. One of the factors is family history of stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers are easily cured, but they can become severe without proper treatment. There are so many foods that I could list that don't really get along with my stomach. A healthy diet is my only choice. I decided to cut down some of my fave foods, namely coffee, soda, cheese, fries, fatty foods, spicy and sour foods, dairy and also processed foods. I also can't drink alcohol or smoke.

As you can see from my list, I can't exactly be described as "fun" or "cool" by any means. I can't drink a can of soda or cup of coffee or eat fries when I hang out with my sister and my friends. Sometimes, I make my own lunch and feel so alienated by not ordering something off the menu. Friends and family have asked me, "What can you eat?" and "What can't you eat?" as if I'm a picky eater. It isn't easy for me.
sorry gifIt's always been my dream to be a music reporter, but I refused to believe that I could live my dream because of my ulcer. A music reporter should be ready anytime to cover the news, doing the interviews and being ready at the meeting points or concert venues. I thought it would be impossible because I can't always be at those places. I have to eat properly unless I bring my own lunchbox, which means I have to cook before I go, because I'm not like my friends who can buy food at venues.

But then, I remembered Nick's speech. Who would've thought that Nick's hard time would encourage me to keep on going? To never let anything slow me down? It helps me to believe in myself and to live my dreams. I won't let it slow me down.
you go girl gifI met Nick back in 2012, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was so nervous, but I told him thanks. He probably thought I was thanking him for the music.

In his "A Little Bit Longer" speech, he said he kept asking "Why me?" until there was a turning point when he realized, "Why not me?" Nick has the power to encourage us to never let anything slow us down. He also said that he is now healthy, happy and blessed. And thanks to Nick, I am also living my dream as a music reporter.

Today, on his birthday, I'd like to thank him for encouraging, motivating and inspiring me. Happy 23rd birthday, Nick! Thank you for the inspiration. For anyone reading this, I hope you also find your own idols to look up to and be inspired by, and don't forget: "Never let anything or anyone slow you down."

And I should say, being a fangirl is the most fun part of being me!
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