Why Does Caitlyn Jenner "Hate" Kylie's Eyebrows?

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Kylie Jenner's eyebrows are pretty much the definition of 'brows on fleek' and Caitlyn Jenner is as jelly about them as we are!

In this clip that Kylie posted to her new app, she's getting her makeup done and Cait comes in and can't help but gush over her daughter's picture perfect eyebrows. "I hate your brows," she jokes with Kylie, "they're too perfect."

Aren't they, though? Even Kylie knows it and can't help but agree with the statement that is undeniably true.


While Kylie admitted to getting lip fillers, which did change her look a lot, we think it's actually Kylie's brows that made the biggest difference in her appearance. Check out this split shot of Kylie's old brows and her new ones.

Brb...going to get our brows shaped!
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