Why You Need to Download Apple's iOS 9 STAT

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Updating your operating system is the second best thing to just tossing out your old phone and buying a shiny new one. OK, OK, we know that iOS 9 can't turn your phone pink, but it's still pretty exciting.

A lot of key players in the tech game are geeking out over iOS 9 because it's been engineered to do everything more smoothly and efficiently - finally incorporating all those things that frustrated us over and over (like a way to see if caps lock is on or off!).

This is what Wired had to say:

"The next phase of technology is all about it learning our behavior and adapting to our needs, not forcing us into its pre-determined ideas about how the world works. iOS 9 isn't here to change your life. In fact, it's here to do the opposite: The goal of iOS9 is to help you change as little as possible."

Making our lives easier? We're all for it. Here's the shortlist of the major updates to look forward to:

1. Notes. No longer just the iPhone's throwaway app, and thank god - we use it all day, everyday. Use it to draw, create a checklist, add photos and save clips from the web.
2. Siri. She's gotten more powerful. She can now go through your photos for you, or create reminders based on what your looking at. You can also train her to respond only to your voice, hands-free. Aren't you happy you didn't give up on her?
3. Maps. It now gives you transit directions - so you can delete Google Maps if you want!
4. Multitasking. You know how you hold down the home button to close all your apps? This looks totally different now, designed like a deck of cards rather than a row of thumbnails.
5. Search. Swipe all the way to the far left screen, and you'll find a search bar, your four most recent contacts, your four most used apps, and news stories it thinks you might like. There's also an area to search for things like restaurants and gas nearby. Handy, no?
6. Back button. For every time you click on an Instagram notification and lose your place.
7. Mail. You can now add attachments in Apple's Mail app.
8. The FONT. It's different. #MindBlown
9. New backgrounds. There are pretty new phone backgrounds, like shimmery feathers and sand.

What are you waiting for? DL it now and start making that sassy Siri do all your bidding.


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