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What Homecoming Week Is All About at my High School

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The first thing I see when I walk into school are posters all about the same thing, that one thing everyone is excited about, the week that is supposed to be the time of my life.

The week starts off with a assembly to get us pepped up and tell us what's planned. Student body officers encourage us to go to every single activity. There is one that catches my attention, one that sounds relaxing and like a nice time: the movie on the lawn where I can bring my blankets, snacks and buddies and just lay outside watching a cute flick.

This year's movie is Disney Pixar's Up about a retired balloon salesman who ties balloons to his house and tries to follow his dreams. The movie sounds like fun, but I remember last year's when I couldn't even hear the movie with everyone talking and making noise. Hopefully this year, it will be different. I make plans with my friends, and we all agree to the movie at 8 p.m.

That morning, I get up and look outside, and it's raining! I know they'll have to move it to the auditorium or somewhere indoors like they did two years ago. Later that day, it looks like the weather has cleared up everyone heads to the lawn. The movie starts, but right away, I can't hear anything with everyone chatting with their friends. They don't even turn up the speakers. Some people look like they're actually concentrating on the movie; others are just there to talk with friends.

"It feels fun. It's pretty cold, but I think it's a good idea. I'm here to have fun with my friends," says Kionna Kartchner. "Although I feel like they should have chosen a different movie."

Trinity McCrae also agrees with Kionna, saying, "I feel like a week before Homecoming, we should all take a vote on different movies, so we all can decide on what movie to watch."

The movie on the lawn is indeed a great idea. It's fun and should be a relaxing time. It's never really quiet, but maybe if they would turn up the volume or get louder speakers, it wouldn't be such a big deal. Despite that, everyone looked like they were having a good time, and that's what Homecoming Week should be all about.

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