Kim Kardashian Kept Caitlyn Jenner's Secret for 13 Years

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During Caitlyn Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer, she revealed that Kim Kardashian was actually the first person she told about her transition.

"The first one of the girls I ever told was Kimberly," she revealed. "Kim caught me one time [in a dress], walked in...It was like this big secret in the family." They didn't talk about it for years after that until one day, Kim brought it up again and Cait told her everything and she says she felt a lot better after that conversation.

"But when I brought the subject up again, I said, 'Are you avoiding this? I would understand that. But are you okay?'" she revealed. "And she goes, 'Well, I just thought it was one of those subjects I couldn't talk about.'"

So, we knew Kim had been keeping Cait's secret for awhile, but just how long? Over a decade. In a new essay published to her website, entitled "About Caitlyn," Kim revealed that 13 years ago, she came home from a friend's house and there was Cait (then Bruce) in the garage, all dressed up.

"I put my head down and ran into my bedroom," she explained. "Had I not overheard my dad and his friends discussing rumors that Bruce would dress up as a woman years before (when I was about 11 years old), I never would have believed what I was seeing. I thought my dad was jealous of my mom's new husband, that he was joking with his friends on the phone, but suddenly I knew it was all true."

Cait revealed that it was actually Kanye West that helped her understand everything that she was going through when he told her that you can basically have everything in the world, but if you can't be yourself, you have nothing. "And since then, Kimberly has been by far the most accepting, and the easiest to talk to," she explained.

While it'a awesome that Kim kept the secret for 13 years, Cait kept it her entire life and we're overjoyed to see how happy she is now that she's living her truth.
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