Turn Your Tablet Into an Old-School Typewriter

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From record players to point-and-shoot cameras, we love when worlds collide and tech developers combine modern technology with icons of the past.

Our latest obsession? This old-fashioned Qwerkywriter, a typewriter-inspired keyboard that's perfectly designed for typing emails and notes on just about any tablet.

Not only is it super useful (who doesn't get annoyed punching letters on a touch screen?) but it's also so. damn. cute. with those sleek, chromed-out round keys. Not to mention, that retro key clacking just sounds so soothing (and make us feel like we're being super productive).

Despite its vintage appearance, the technology is anything but - the keyboard is activated through Bluetooth, and can be used on a desktop or phone, as well.

The only downside is that this clunky keyboard isn't as portable as a lot of the keyboards designed for tablet use. So unless you're using your tablet mainly at home, it might not be the best financial investment - it'll set you back $329 (remember: tablet not included!).

The people at Qwerty Toys funded the project on Kickstarter, but luckily, it's already exceeded its goal of $90,000, so you can preorder it now and rest assured it'll reach your house by October or November. You'll look smart AF whenever you bust it out, even if you're just posting on your BFF's Facebook wall.


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