This Cover of Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts" is Absolutely Angelic

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Let's face it – pulling off a Beyonce song is a feat that's best left to, well, Beyoncé.

But if you're a professional singer with the pipes and the guts to follow in Bey's footsteps, you might actually be able to put your own brilliant spin on the singer's vocal excellence. This cover of Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts" by the James Madison University's Note-oriety a capella music group does just that, which explains why their YouTube video has gone Viral, racking up nearly 300,000 views. After listening to the group absolutely slay Bey's introspective hit song, you'll understand why.

According to, the group's music supervisor soloist Zoe Elizabeth McCray said the positive response to Note-oriety's angelic rendition has completely surpassed her expectations.

"Complete shock and disbelief. Our most-viewed video up until that point was 2,000 views in total," Zoe said. "And I was like, okay, cool, if we can get 5,000 views by the summer, that would be really really cool. And we ended up getting 5,000 on the first day."

Considering Beyoncé's Midas touch, pretty much anything associated with her name is bound to garner a ton of attention, but this is one time that the singer can't take all the credit. Not only does Note-oriety feature super talented singers, but their video does a wonderful job of promoting self-compassion as a means to cope with the pressures of the oftentimes unachievable standards of mainstream beauty.

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