You'll Never Guess Which App People Are Hiding Nudes On

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Remember when people just used Snapchat to send nudes? Now that Snapchat is used by literally everyone, from brands to (eek!) maybe even your parents, we guess people needed to find something a little more...under the radar.

Local news outlet THV 11 recently reported that teens in Little Rock, Arkansas are turning to another app - what appears to be a generic calculator app at first glance - ‚Äčto keep their dirty pics on the low. The Little Rock teens were using the app to hide pictures from their 'rents, but we wouldn't be surprised if cheaters were using it to keep some things hidden from bae.

The app, Private Photo, shows up as "Calculator%" on your phone's home screen, so snoopers are none the wiser, even though the photos are basically hidden in plain sight.

It functions like a plain old calculator, but if you hit the right button and enter the right password, a secret album of pics opens. You can even keep track if someone tries to break in and then call them out on it. SAVAGE.

So sneaky! We can't imagine the people using this app are up to any good. Who knew calculators could hide so much?!
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