I Left Work For NYFW And It Was Awesome

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When your editor asks you to cover a fashion show for New York Fashion Week you don't just hop up for the opportunity you run to it. Seriously, what's more exciting than never before seen threads, a room full of fabulous people and New York City?

It started last week when my Cambio editor asked me if I would be willing to cover the Supima Design Competition Eighth Annual Runway Show. TBH, I had never heard of the show, but I knew it sounded like a beyond exciting opportunity.

The show was scheduled for Thursday, September 10 at 12pm. Ughh. Not a great time for a girl with a full time job in an industry that isn't fashion or beauty related. How in the world was I going to pull this off? So many thoughts ran through my head, "Should I try to make the show? Do I just leave work? OMG this is fashion week, I NEED TO GO!"

I went with my gut and jetted out of the office with nothing to lose. I knew this was one of those once in a lifetime moments that I couldn't throw away. I am going to cover a design competition for New York Fashion Week. Mama, I made it!
Supima Design Show
When I arrived at the swanky TriBeCa loft, I instantly felt under-dressed. I was coming from work so I was nowhere near runway ready. Plus, the humid subway ride nearly ruined my curls. Regardless, I planned on owning the moment. I walked into the studio surrounded by beautiful people and actually felt like I belonged. People smiled and greeted me. There was a general feeling of acceptance and love from the audience - a totally different vibe than I expected.
Supima Fashion Show
The overall energy of the room could be attributed to the fact that this was a fashion show for emerging designers. It was Project Runway for fashion students minus Tim Gunn. Seven finalists were being given the chance to showcase their skills on the runway for an audience of influencers including the hostess with the mostess Olivia Culpo and reputable judges like fashion week creator Fern Mallis, fashion reporter David Yi and others. It was some of fashion's people to know and I was there!
Supima Fashion Show
Before the show started I took my seat and perused the gift bag that awaited me. Perfume, candles and designer threads for free. This is what heaven must feel like. I sat in anticipation for the real show to start. After waiting 20 minutes or so, the lights dimmed and the fashion began.

I must admit I was fully impressed by some of the looks that glided on the runway. Beautiful models in clothing created by fresh faced and hopeful designers. It doesn't get better than that. One of my favorite looks was navy blue dress with 3-D flowers on the dress designed by Lauren Nahigian. It was absolutely beautiful.


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I did my best to capture photos and take in every garment as it ripped the runway. I was in complete awe by the level of skill and passion it took for these hopeful designers to turn Supima fabrics into finished pieces. Before I knew it, the runway show was over and they were announcing the winner. It all went by too fast as I tried to soak it all in.

Kate McKenna, a student at Savannah College of Art and Design ended up taking home the title and a $10,000 prize. Although I'm sure the other designers were bummed they didn't get the gold, I couldn't help but think that each and every one of them were winners. They showed their own line during the biggest fashion event of the year, and little 'ol me got to witness it all.


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