Meet the Model Who Randomly Started Smoking in Kanye West's NYFW Show

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Kanye West's new single "Fade" wasn't the only surprise at his spur of the moment fashion show at New York Fashion Week.

As the models took the stage and stood still and silent in their all-beige Yeezy Season 2 gear, one model had a surprise of his own: he randomly started smoking in the middle of it. He later posted a video of it on Instagram with the caption, "Ok, Cool. What's Next?"

Ian Connor, the self-proclaimed "King of Youth" Instagram style maven literally pulled a cigarette out and started smoking it as the audience watched in shock. Here's hoping that was planned, but if it wasn't, it wouldn't have been too uncharacteristic of Connor, who is known for his bold stylings and moves for the sake of fashion. According to Complex, for example, he once threw free designer clothes out of his hotel window to kids below it, and offered a ton of money to a stranger rocking a vintage Raf Simons tee on a whim.

"Connor's not one for moderation," the mag wrote about him earlier this year, also reporting that the style star has a ton of fashion gigs including styling for Wiz Khalifa, collaborating with Edison Chen's Emotionally Unavailable and merchandising a store in Houston called Shalon & Rogers.

He also walked as a model in Kanye's first NYFW show "Yeezy Season" last year and has modeled for BAPE, Astrid Andersen and Shane Gonzales' MIDNIGHT STUDIOS.

Ok Cool, What's Next?

A video posted by Ian Connor (@ianconnorsrevenge) on

The first time he walked in Kanye's show, Connor said he was "so uncomfortable," adding, "I had my cigarettes in my pocket. We were supposed to stand still and whatever but I still had my phone in my hand. I was texting. Just standing there was too weird. I started feeling like, 'What the f**k? They're judging me.'

"I don't even know how long it went on for," he continued. "It could've been 20 minutes or six hours. It felt like what I think acid's like, at least from what people have told me."

Clearly he decided to brave that scene again since it was more of the same this go-round (and he could have made that exact same statement this year). Maybe this time he pulled out that cigarette to feel a little more comfortable? Either way, he did what he does best – made one heck of a fashion statement.


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