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The F in BFF Means Forever

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Let's paint a picture: You've got a best friend who smiles when you smile, cries with you, pulls you up when you fall down (after laughing her butt off), gets angry when you go for the wrong guy (but is quick to forgive) and doesn't forget to say "I told you so" when he ends up being the jerk - the one who calls you out on your craziness but is always ready to fight when someone else dares to do the same. If this picture is your picture, well, then you're the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Someone once said,"Friends are the most precious assets of life." No doubt, they are. That doesn't mean that you should be swarmed by a dozen guys and gals; one will do the trick. You always choose the person that you want to date, but friends you bump into at the most awkward moments in your life. And those crazy ones, met at even crazier times, turn out to be the ones having your back. They are the only ones who,after an argument with your parents, lie to assure you that they've gone through the same the previous day. They are the ones who put everything aside just to get you a new guy when you're too broken after your recent breakup. And no one but your bestie makes your birthdays a hot mess (but in a good way) and proms beautiful.

I've lost a lot of BFFs myself when one of us moved away, or when her parents forced her to shut me out, or when the most stupid misunderstanding came between us. But I couldn't find the courage to fight back, to try resolve the distances. And trust me, I regret that every single day of my life, so here's some advice I'd like to give: If you find your bestie trustworthy and your shadow and if she is excited to help you complete every item on your bucket list (and bingo if you've written it together), do NOT leave her, no matter what or who tells you to. Once lost, best friends are extremely rare to be found again. Stick to them. Forever. And you will be smiling even when life takes everything else from you.
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