This Katy Perry Fan Encounter Got Real Awkward Real Fast

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Katy Perry was having a pretty lighthearted encounter with a superfan (who she apparently hadn't seen in a year) outside of her hotel the other night when things suddenly took a turn for the terribly awkward.

When KP pulled up, she greeted the group who was waiting for her outside of The Standard Hotel in New York City. She immediately recognized the familiar fans, stopped to give them hugs and was nice enough to hang out and chat for a bit.


Apparently, one member of their usual crew, was missing and Katy made an off-the-cuff joke saying "oh he's the number one, though!" after someone else had literally just referred to him as her "number one fan."

Well, that didn't sit well with one of the girls who did make the trek to see Katy. The encounter immediately went from awesome to all kinds of awkward as the insulted fan let Katy know that she wasn't cool with what she said.

Katy tried to just laugh it off and give her a hug, but the girl was having none of it, turning to her friend and saying "she just disrespected the s**t out of me."


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