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My Top 3 'Dancing With The Stars' Pairs

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This past Monday, the new season of Dancing With The Stars premiered on ABC, and before it started, I already knew who I was rooting for: Carlos and Alexa PenaVega (aka my parents in the fangirl world)! Then you have Nick Carter, and who doesn't love Nick Carter? He's a Backstreet Boy! Andy Grammer's also another celebrity I'm into this season, and don't forget all the pros everyone loves. *Cough* Derek Hough *Cough* But my top three I definitely want to talk about are Baega, BrownSugar and SharNick, so let's get started!
First Up: Team Baega! ​(Alexa PenaVega & Mark Ballas)​

On Monday night, these two danced a jive for their first dance. ​It was amazing, and I LOVED it! Right from the opening number, the whole night had fangirl me screaming, "MOM LOOKS SO GOOD!" Alexa and Mark are not going anywhere. They're here to go all the way to the end.
Next: Team BrownSugar! (Carlos PenaVega & Witney Carson)

Now I know what you're thinking, is BrownSugar REALLY their team name?​ (Or at least that's what I was thinking when I heard it.) Answer: Yes! At first, I thought they were joking because in the past all the team names would be a combination of the pro and celebrities' names. But no, that is really their team name, and it sounds great. Witney's one of my favorite pros, and Carlos was apart of Big Time Rush, so of course I'm rooting for Carlos. Plus, I think it's a great partnership. There's a total brother-sister relationship, and it's so cute!
Carlos and WineyFinally: Team SharNick! (Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess)

These two did a cha-Cha, and I loved it, especially how they worked in the Backstreet Boys move. Really cute idea! But of course, Dancing With the Stars had them go last, so I had to sit there waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Then finally Nick and Sharna took the floor and killed it! They were very entertaining and awesome!
Now that Week 1 is done; it's time for Week 2! On Monday night, each couple is set to have two dances, and on Tuesday, it's the first elimination of the season. But who wants to think about not one, but TWO, couples getting eliminated? NOT ME. Instead I'll end with this Team SharNick gif saying: See you guys next time!

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