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#TheStruggleIsReal: Trying to Learn With School Construction

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Going to school with construction everywhere! The alarm rings. I quickly press the snooze button. I know it's time for school. I'm tired, and I know I have a long day ahead of me. At school, in between classes, I find it quite difficult to just walk through the hallways. Everything seems to be cluttered, especially in the hallway that used to be the lobby.

I shudder. The walls are just plain white. Where's the creativity? Aren't there people in the school who make signs about football games, school activities or something? There are signs on every other part of the school - but what about here? It'd be nice if someone hung up a picture or something.

During lunch, I need to go to the library to finish work for a class. I go through the hallway, and suddenly I feel a wet feeling on my shoes. I look down, and there's water all over the hallway. Did a pipe break or something?

At the end of school, I walk outside toward the English building where there has always been an exit toward the parking lot. Not anymore! Now I have to go out through the library down the stairs, up the stairs again, and back up to the parking lot, which can get annoying on a hot day.

"I just think it's crazy. I think they should be quicker and be more organized," said Sara Sanchez a student at my high school. "Tearing down the main building to the English building has made it complicated for me. I don't feel safe in this school. My biggest concern is a fire, but I think the construction was necessary this school was really old."

"I don't think the construction affects us. I guess they needed to do it because the school would be better, but it wasn't necessary," said fellow student Xiomara Castro.

"I don't like it. I think it's a distraction," said Carley Guevara. "My biggest concern is, is something going to fall on other people?"

At least the freshman and the sophomores are going to be able to see how the school will end up and actually get to benefit from all this construction. Juniors and seniors will not get to see the renovations. Seniors only experienced two normal years of high school before all the crazy construction, and juniors only had one. The school's construction is just something we students will have to live with.

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