This Ice Cream Flavor Is About to Change Your Netflix Nights Forever

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When we have "pizza and Netflix nights," it's just a given that those nights will also include ice cream. It's just so much easier to say "pizza and Netflix," but your crew knows what that means when you invite them over. In fact, if they're extra awesome, one of them might even bring the ice cream!

The only problem is that sometimes we fill up on pizza before we get a chance to eat the ice cream, which isn't the worst problem in the world because pizza is life. Still, we like to get our ice cream on and we're always a little bit disappointed when we throw down that last crust and remember that there was ice cream.

Fortunately, Coolhaus has our backs and they've made a pizza-flavored ice cream. WHY didn't someone think of this a long time ago?


So, how did they do it? "We start with a mascarpone and olive oil base, then add sun-dried tomato, fresh basil, and a pinch of salt to finish," Coolhaus' CEO Natasha Case told Munchies.

And as far as the taste? "Yes, it really tastes like pizza—not in a mimicking way, but in a way that is evocative and I think really interesting," she told them. "The mascarpone base gives it a creamy and slightly sweet cheese flavor, the tomatoes are sweet and sour, the olive oil is earthy, and the fresh basil is herbaceous and bright. This is very similar to how your mind and palate break apart the pizza experience."

They also offer other cool flavors like avocado sea salt, gin and tonic, Nutella with almonds (yassssss!), olive oil, pastrami and :::wait for it::: BACON! Brown buttered candy bacon, to be more specific. Who says dreams don't come true?

Coolhaus has two retail stores in Los Angeles as well as trucks in LA, Dallas and New York.
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