Yum: Here's a Simple, One-Bowl Chocolate Buttermilk Brownie Recipe

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Expanding waistlines and diets be damned: Posie Harwood from the blog Food 52 discovered this amazing chocolate buttermilk brownie recipe and we cannot wait to try it.

Not only does the idea of melt-in-your-mouth brownies sound tasty as f**k, but they're apparently really simple to make. (Instant desserts, FTW.) Needless to say, this drool-worthy chocolate fest in a pan should definitely appeal to foodies, those with a raging sweet tooth or anyone who's a sucker for effortless dessert recipes.

If you're a culinary snob, then you'll probably cringe once you find out that this recipe came from the back of the Baker's Chocolate box, but hey — we're not at all choosy with our taste in desserts so that just means more brownies for us.

According to the blog, you simply toss some melted butter and unsweetened chocolate in a bowl along with sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and flour, then bake and voilà — you have a perfect pan of shareable brownies (on second thought, these might be too delish to share.) There's also an equally simple recipe for homemade frosting because preparing brownies without the gooey chocolate topping is absolutely unthinkable.

Based off the few comments, results were mostly positive but we honestly can't imagine anything going wrong with these brownies.

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