Kim and Khloe Kardashian Discover Something Awesome in Armenia

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While Kim and Khloe Kardashian were touring Armenia during their visit to commemorate the Armenian Genocide, they noticed something awesome - the country has so many powerful female figures.

As they're admiring the Mother Armenia statue, Kim turns to Khloe and says "how cool that Armenia has women that are powerful and strong, you know?" And then Khloe makes an interesting observation, saying "well that explains our entire f**king family!" Good point, Khlo! The Kardashians are definitely amazing examples of girl power at its finest!


When they were in Armenia, Khloe shared this photo on her Instagram page, with a powerful caption about what the statue means and feeling empowered as a woman.

"Visiting the Mother Armenia statue today in Yerevan," she wrote. "The Mother Armenia statue symbolizes peace through strength. It can remind viewers of some of the prominent female figures in Armenian history. Who took up arms to help their husbands in their clashes with Turkish troops and Kurdish irregulars. I am woman hear me roar! Blessed to be here!"

We're so glad they had such a great trip and that they're sharing all the cool things they learned with us.
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