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Every girl worries about her body and how she looks. Body image has a big impact on our self image. No matter how smart or nice we are, we look in the mirror, and the only thing we see is our bodies. We ignore every good thing about us and just focus on that one thing.

We should love our bodies, no matter what shape we are in. It doesn't matter if you're tall, fat, short or skinny. The most important thing is to be confident in what you have and what you look like. Despite everything, you're beautiful and lovely. You should love your body and take care of it; always remember that. Plus, body shaming is a disgusting thing.

Through all of my childhood, I've been called chubby and fat. I used to be bullied at school, and when I got home, I used to cry about it because it was making me feel bad about myself even though I was a fifth grader. I was hurting, but then I decided to lose weight. I did shed the pounds, but I still feel fat and not comfortable in my body.

That's a very common thing these days - to not feel comfortable in your own body and skin. It's also a very sad thing to hear from someone. Society wants girls to look like models and wants them to do this and that but not do that, and it's not a good thing. We should encourage girls to be themselves and not someone else. We should love our bodies and skin and feel comfortable in it because not loving yourself will not let other people love you. Love yourself first. That's a number one rule you should follow.
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