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Newsflash: Grunt at the Gym and You Could Get a Better Workout

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I was once an avid gym goer; now I'm a hesitant gym goer. As a woman who likes to work out, I tend to work out at home or enjoy cardio outside running around the park rather than on a treadmill in the gym. I was super young when I first start going to the gym, probably 16 years old, which in actuality, is not that young. Now at 23, I feel the same way about the gym.

There are multiple types of gyms that you can sign up for now - gyms just for women, gyms that promote the grunting man and gyms that promote no grunting allowed. In my opinion, grunting at the gym is extremely intimidating and often only done by men. I have never once witnessed a woman grunting while lifting weights or exercising at the gym.

I have been a part of each of the gyms I described at one point in my life, so I have a bit of experience from each one. This grunting after every rep is something that men do, to either pump themselves up more, or intimidate other men, possibly next to them, which leads me to think that sometimes these grunts, are just for show. The grunting is going to determine who is stronger. If that is the case, then the competition is all men are looking for.

I personally would not go to the gym and try grunting while working out to see if it benefited me because I kind of find it embarrassing. The use of music is what helps me get pumped for the gym or a workout, based on what music I choose to put in my playlist that day determines the intensity. Whether the grunting is just for show or helps a man (or woman even though I've yet to see this happen) get pumped up to lift again, then they should keep going at it. But like I've stated before, they have specific gyms that you can avoid people who tend to grunt.

Whether you think they are obnoxious or not, there is a way to get around the grunting people at gyms, so keep on working out, bettering yourself, and if you're one of the grunters, keep doing what you're doing. If it's beneficial to you, why stop or let the opinions of others stop you?
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