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The One Problem Every Book Lover Has

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Book nerd problem No. 34570: I have so many books, but I can't decide what to read.
But how to choose the books that you will read (after you just finished a book that was just so good that you wanted to finish but didn't want it to end) is not an easy task.
If your book shelf is a big as mine, which is pretty BIG I must say, you may want to follow this tips.

Organize your shelf as often as possible.
If you are anything like me, you buy oh so many books at the same time. Then you get all those new books, and the old ones that you haven't read, but that new Nicholas Sparks movie is coming out and you haven't read the book, so you skip the others and go straight to that one. Then you have to take a break from reading because that book was so perfect that you need time to be emotionally ready for the next story, and your next fictional love.
Watch movies that are based on books.
Most of the time, I'd rather read the book first and then watch the movie, but sometimes watching the movie first is not a bad idea. Have you ever watched an amazing movie and become crazy addicted to it, did a quick research to know the name of that cute guy with the British accent and then you find out that it is based on a book, so you just go online and buy it?. We've all been there.

Go to a book store and read a few pages of a book.
Oh, you know, just walk by the shelf, take the one with the beautiful cover and read a page or two - or the whole chapter - totally up to you. Or just look up reviews of that book that you are dying to read and see if it's the right time to do so. I mean, we've got Goodreads, Book Bloggers, booktubers, etc., and as long as you are reading, you'll be happy!
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