How to Get Facebook Ads to Stop Stalking You on the Internet

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Are you so over Facebook ads popping up for things that you have looked up or clicked on? Sometimes, when the dress we were thinking about buying earlier pops up on our news feed, we can't resist temptation anymore. Facebook just has NO CHILL.

Last week, Stephen Deadman, Facebook's Global Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, wrote on the official Facebook blog that recently, FB began ramping up more targeted ads in order to improve the ad experience for us (OK, fam), but that there's a new way that we can control these ads. These ads will soon be pulling info from our browser history as well as our Like and Share buttons. This is some Big Brother-type ish.

Facebook, like more than 100 other companies, has always allowed you to opt out of these ads through the Digital Advertising Alliance AdChoices program, but it hasn't always been so easy and straightforward. The DAA uses cookies, so even if you opted out, it might not have recognized your settings throughout all your devices and browsers.

Here's the new way you can control these ads, according to The Daily Dot: In Facebook, go to Settings and click Ads. Click where it says "Ads based on my use of websites and apps" (if you have previously opted out through the DAA, this line will say "no"), and then it will give you the option to turn off online interest-based ads. It should activate this setting throughout all of your devices!

But remember, this does NOT prevent Facebook from creeping on that data in the first place. Scary AF.


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