You Can Now Spend a Night in a Sand Castle Hotel

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I've never been able to build a sand castle that lasted an entire beach day, which is one of many reasons why I did not study engineering in college. Apparently not everyone has that issue, because there are now two huge sand castles that people can actually stay in. These temporary castles are called Zand Hotels (or Sand Hotels) and staying at either will provide a truly unbelievable hotel experience.

The Zand Hotels are located in the Netherlands and are part of the sand sculpture festival. (I sincerely hope that they won first prize in a castle building contest!) Though the castles are, well, made of sand, they're also fully-functioning hotels. Check out what the rooms look like:

В Голландии открылся первый отель из песка #zandhotel , он спрятан внутри 8 метровых китайских драконов или внутри домика Флинстоунов. Комнаты за 168$ на двоих возведены временно в рамках фестиваля песчаных скульптур. В стоимость включено просекко и завтрак. Попасть только в него уже не получится, все номера забронированы до 4 октября, дня окончания фестиваля. Но организаторы обещают новый зандотель уже в Германии или Англии на соедующих песчаных праздниках. Круть. Мы хотим!

A photo posted by Турагентство для друзей ( on

It's pretty amazing that these castles even exist, let alone are able to have guests overnight. Save for the sandy elements, these might as well be any other hotel - and the hotel is priced as such. Yahoo News reported that a one-night stay at a Zand Hotel will set you back only $170 a night. That's a pretty cheap price to say that you've slept inside of a sand castle, so it's not surprising that these hotels are already booked up - bummer!

The temporary castles will turn back into grains of sand by Oct. 4, when the festival ends - but hey, there's always the possibility of next year, right?
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