You Can Now Find Out Your Uber Rating and It May Cause Panic

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I live in Los Angeles, where public transportation is a huge mystery to most people, and Uber is my app BFF. Heading somewhere where you don't want to deal with any parking ish? Just call up your friendly neighborhood Uber driver and he or she will be by in a few minutes to make your life way easier. Uber riders know that it's their duty to rate drivers based on their performance, but it's not just on passengers: Uber drivers also give out an Uber passenger score. Now, for the first time, Uber riders can find out exactly what their score is. Gulp.

Just like the riders, the Uber drivers dish out a score of one through five after the ride ends. If you've had a pleasant ride experience, your driver will likely give you a five star rating. Of course, if you were super obnoxious and got into a screaming match with your boyfriend while you were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, well, maybe expect a lower score.

So how do you check your passenger rating? If you're brave enough to receive feedback on your car behavior, open the Uber app, and click on the pull down menu on the top left of the screen. Click "Help," and then "Account." You'll see an option called "I'd like to know my rating." Click that, and then hit "Submit." An Uber representative will contact you with your score via e-mail.

I'm currently waiting to receive mine, but in the meantime, I'm going to be extra nice to my Uber drivers. It's about human decency... and also keeping that score high.
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