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The Lesson Taught From #IStandWithAhmed

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Ahmed Mohamed is a 14-year-old who was arrested for making a homemade clock and got his name in a lot of headlines. I'm sure you know his name by now. There's a bright side in every situation, and this story has one.

President Barack Obama tweeted about him and how he would love to have him visit the White House,
Mark Zuckerberg (aka the guy who invented Facebook) posted about him, too, wanting him to drop by Facebook. That's pretty cool for Ahmed, and now his name is in newspapers and magazines, and people are writing about him and his story.

It's spreading awareness all around the world, and that's a positive thing from all the negative that's brought from this story. I'm sure it brought success to his homemade clock and good skills in science and technology, and not everyone can build a homemade clock. It takes skill and patience.

Finally it's letting people know that not every Muslim is a terrorist. There are good people and bad people in this world, and Ahmed is one of the smart and good people. People should be ashamed of still thinking that prejudiced way. They should be more caring because everyone has feelings - even if they were very cold-hearted - they still have feelings down there.

I hope everyone learned a lesson from this story, that lesson being not to judge anyone based on his/her skin color or religion. #IStandWithAhmed
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