Pizza Rat Takes Internet by Storm: The Struggle Is Real For Ambitious Rodent

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Pizza Rat is the runaway hit of the year. Pizza Rat is all of us because the struggle is so real and pizza is so effing good. So what if it's twice his size? It's no big thang for Pizza Rat.

We've seen some crazy a** viral videos in our day, but this one takes the, perhaps.

Watch as this rat struggles to carry a slice of pizza down the subway stairs in NYC. C'mon, how much more Big Apple can you get than that? Best of all, someone stood there, capturing the whole thing on video. Like you do.

Upright Citizens Brigade member/comedian Matt Little, who snagged the magical moment, told BuzzFeed News: "It's all a metaphor for living in New York. You have too far to go and too much carry. But life gives you as much as you can handle."

As these things go, Pizza Rat has his own Twitter account now, where he explained the whole scene: "Wasn't trying to make a statement, humans. Just trying to get some damn pizza down some subway stairs."

You keep doing you, Pizza Rat.

LINK IN BIO - Master Splinter headed off to feed #TMNT

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