5 Killer Ways to Rock a Headscarf

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Fall is now upon us. Plaid is back with a vengeance, pumpkin spice lattes are flying off the shelves, and now is the time to figure out something new and exciting to do with your hair! If you're like me, then you know that there is only so much a diva can do with a flat iron and some hairspray. That's why I turn to my absolute fashion fave during the fall/winter months: the headscarf.

While there are hundreds of fabulous ways to tie a headscarf, I thought I'd break down (in the above video and step-by-step below) some of my favorite styles so that all you lovely fashionistas can try them at home, too! For most of these styles, it's easier to use an infinity scarf (one without ends). If you don't have one, feel free to tie the ends of your favorite scarf together and get to work!

1. The Headband

This is literally one of the quickest and easiest styles that I use. It's perfect as a quick and easy, on-the-go accessory that'll spruce up any outfit!

How to Do It

Hold your scarf straight out!
Wrap the scarf under your hair and tie the ends of your scarf in a cute little side bow (think "shoelace" knot). ​
Customize the size of the bow by pulling the ends tighter or tying a double knot!

2. The Wraparound

This is one of my absolute favorite styles! It's a fun way to add some color to your outfit AND keeps your hair out of your eyes and off your neck! Perfect for those warm autumn days!

How to Do It

Put your hair up in a cute bun (it can be low or high - have fun with it!).
Lay your scarf flat on top of your head.
"Wrap" the scarf around the top of your head so that it covers most, if not all, of the hair.
Tie the ends in a cute little bow or knot under the bun! This look goes perfect with some gorgeous silver hoops!

3. The Loop

If you're looking for has a little more definition than a simple headband look but is just as easy to do, look no further! This ridiculously popular style (so popular, in fact, that some stores even sell scarves already "looped" this way) is a super chic way to take a traditional look and give it that little bit of edge!

How to Do It

Take your infinity scarf and pull it under your hair like you would if you were doing the Headband. Loop one end of the scarf through the hole created by the other end.
Tuck the remaining ends of the scarf into the sides of the headband that you've now created.

4. The Bun-Cover

This one is a really fun, eclectic style that I love to pull out when I'm in the mood for some compliments! Bonus: It's extremely easy to do!

How to Do It

Pull your hair into a side-bun.
Lay the scarf over your hair like you would if you were doing the Wraparound.
Twist the remaining end of the scarf and loop it around the bun over and over until it completely covers the bun.

5. The Hang-Loose

This is my favorite way to wear a scarf because it is a great way to showcase the designs on your favorite scarf and brings the eye to your outfit as a whole...AND it takes about 30 seconds to do!

How to Do It

Take your scarf and lay it over your head like you would a headband.
Tie a knot at the base of your neck and let the rest of the scarf hang-loose down the front our your blouse.
These are just a few of my favorite headscarf styles! Go ahead, try them out, and let me know what you think below!

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