Sierra McCormick Looks Up to This Former Disney Star: 'His Work Is So Authentic'

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Sierra McCormick has taken a big leap since her Disney A.N.T. Farm days.

A.N.T Farm definitely provided us laughs, but before Sierra was on Disney, "I hadn't done a lot of comedy, I did mostly dramas," the 17-year-old told us. So it's no surprise that she wanted to tap into something more mature, like her new horror movie, Some Kind of Hate.

C: What intrigued you about being a part of this scary film?
SM: "As a little kid, I always loved horror films. When I got the opportunity to be in one, and not just be in it, but to be the villain - it was the best opportunity ever! I'm not playing the girl that gets killed, I'm playing the killer. When I read the script, I was really impressed with the emotional intensity of my character [Moira]."

C: We imagine filming a horror movie isn't as scary as it seems, right? What was the most challenging part?
SM: "Moira wasn't much of a long shot because she's a very emotional and intense teenage girl and you know, I myself am an emotional and intense girl. It wasn't too much of a distance stretch in that sense. But getting her physicality as an undead - it's never quite clear what she is - the physicality was something I had to play around with."

C: Did you break out of character a lot in between scenes?
SM: "My character is pretty heavy stuff. In between takes I would try to give myself a break from that. I would let that be in the scene and when I'm being me, the producer would always laugh and say how much chipper I was soaked in blood. It allowed me to focus more in the scene as Moira and leave it in that scene."
C: Speaking of blood... how much fake blood did you have splattered on you on the daily?
SM: "I got such an education on fake blood! There are a thousand different kinds of fake blood. They range in pigments, what they're used for; drippy blood, splatter blood, all kinds! I had the most fake blood to deal with given the nature of my character. At the end of the day, I would have to take a 2 hour shower to get it all off. I was pretty caked on. They'd be like 'No no, we need more blood' and they'd dump it on me."

C: People always wonder how the transition is for Disney stars when they leave the network. Can you share your experience?
SM: "On Disney I did a multi-camera sitcom comedy for 3 or so years and I enjoyed it and learned so much. I value that experience, but it's nice to get back to more dramatic roles for me personally. I did comedy for so long, so I thought it was a really good experience to dip my feet back into dramatic acting and I think this character was the perfect one to get me back into that as well. It wasn't a difficult transition, it was more that I was really eager and excited to do it."

C: So many former Disney stars have made a career for themselves after the Disney Channel. Which of them do you look up to the most?
SM: "I was going to say Shia LaBeouf! His most recent work was fantastic, he's so talented. If I could aspire to be that sort of level of an actor by the time I get to where he is, that would be so fantastic. Even on the Disney Channel - his work is so authentic."


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