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20 Problems That Prove Being 20 Is a #Struggle

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I turned 20 last weekend, and for a minute, I felt so excited that I was a year older, still alive, healthy, or according to my friends, that I beat teen pregnancy (wooo)! Then the next day, I thought to myself, Wait a minute, I'm still livin' that struggle life. Here I am thinking turning 20 would allow me to leave my bag of struggles behind. NOPE. I'm still facing the old ones from 19 and new ones I'm coming across each day as a 20-year-old. See if you can relate!

1. Planning to get turnt on your birthday, but then realizing you're still not 21

2. Having to listen to your 21+ friends talk about how much fun bar-hopping is

3. Counting down the days until your 21st birthday, even though you only turned 20 yesterday

4. Wanting to finish one more episode of How to Get Away with Murder, but knowing you have to be up early for work

5. Realizing your paychecks suck because taxes exist
6. Reminding yourself that you are officially sooo mature, and then spending the entire night playing with Snapchat's effects

7. Wanting to travel the world with your besties, but wishing your parents will offer to pay
Stacking up on face masks and moisturizers to prevent wrinkles
9. Knowing your metabolism slows down as you get older, yet still choosing Netflix over the gym

10. Telling yourself you're going to start eating kale, quinoa and gluten-free. LOL, who you trying to fool?

11. Being forced to move on from your pediatrician to an adult-doctor

12. Trying to cook something more appetizing than Bagel Bites, but the only cooking you've ever done was with play-dough when you were 5

13. Being asked if you want guac at Chipotle and remembering it's extra and you're not ballin'

14. Your parents reminding you that when they were 20, they were already married and poppin' out babies

15. Thinking your mom will cover the bill when you go out to eat, but she says you're splitting it instead

16. Being too old to sit at the kid's table and too young to sit with the elders at family parties

17. Telling your parents you can't wait to move out, but then realizing you have nowhere to go and you can't afford rent

18. Applying to jobs. Like actual real-world jobs
19. Deleting Tinder because you're now a grown-up, ready to start flirting with the potentials IRL

20. Being far from having your life figured out. Actually, that's OK
The struggle is just too #real.
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