A Teen Lost Her Hair Due to Bullying, So Why Is the Bully Still in School?

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There's no easy way to say it: some people are horrible. "Horrible" is the word that seems to best describe one particular student at Harker Heights High School in Texas, who allegedly thought it would be funny to prank student Hannah Combs by pouring superglue into her hair.

Hannah reportedly suffered first-degree chemical burns from the superglue, which she said instantly started burning the minute it hit her head. She chose to shave part of her hair in order to combat, something that was particularly challenging for the teen, who told the Killeen Daily Herald that her hair was "the only thing she liked" about herself.
According to Hannah's parents Jessica and Christian Grammer, the administration has failed them in receiving justice for their daughter, as the only punishment as of press time that the student received was an in-school suspension - essentially a slap on the wrist.

This punishment does not sit okay with Jessica and Christian, who believe that the unnamed student who committed this assault on Hannah should be moved to another school within the district. According to the Grammers, they were met with resistance from the school district when they attempted to seek this punishment for their daughters assailant.

The administration has since issued a statement about the incident, stating to the Killeen Daily Herald:

Killeen ISD is committed to ensure the safety of all students, staff and parents. Therefore, the district considers this a very serious incident and has responded in accordance to state law, board policy and the student code of conduct. In doing so, the district also protects the rights provided to students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and thus is unable to provide information pertaining to specific students and disciplinary measures instituted.

Since the incident, Jessica has created a "Justice For Hannah" Facebook page, which Hannah told the Killeen Herald has helped her "stay positive." In addition to sharing information about Hannah's incident, the Facebook page also encourages an overall anti-bullying message, which is clearly vital at a time where kids think it's perfectly acceptable to pour superglue on another student.

I hope the school district ultimately does the right thing by Hannah and punishes the student who committed this horrific act of assault. Hannah may have lost her hair, but she also lost her sense of safety. Removing this student from school seems like more than a fair punishment for a heinous crime.
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