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This Fangirl Reaction to One Direction's 'Infinity' Is #AllTheFeels

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If you're anything like me, you've been counting down to the seconds waiting for One Direction to drop its album. After Zayn Malik left the band, things took a turn for the worst, and the drama didn't stop there with Louis Tomlinson having his baby drama. So jelly. (But congratulations Louis, I know you'll be an amazing padre.)

Then One Direction did something crazy. One early July morning, they released a song at 1:15 a.m. called, "Drag Me Down." I'm still trying to recover. The fandom was in such high spirits. They added the single to their set list on their On The Road Again Tour, and they performed it on Good Morning America (which I went to and it was freakin' amaze-balls). The next night was the concert at MetLife Stadium, which was life-changing in so many ways because Niall mouthed the lyrics "You know, I know, you know I'll remember you" to my friend and Harry's whale water landed all over my leg. It was the most magical moment in the history of ever.
One Direction Perform on "Good Morning America"Then in August, I followed them to Toronto and got to meet their band (Josh, Sandy and Dan) just walking around downtown looking for a spot to drink. Eventually I went back to my hotel room, and then the next day was concert day. We went to the concert, met so many great people and drank a little; it was such a good time. Finally, we get back to the hotel room, completely knackered because of all the traveling. While I'm getting ready to go to bed, they decide to drop the music video. It's like, you can't fall asleep in this fandom!

Everyone was so hyped from this music video, nobody even cared that it didn't go with the theme of the song (nobody, nobody). It was the first single, the first music video off of the new album without Zayn and a brand new sound. Now, if you have experience in the One Direction fandom, then you also know that whoever picks the singles doesn't have a clue what he/she is doing. That person always releases the worst song off of the album, so with "Drag Me Down" being amazing, you can imagine how the fandom felt.

We were all worried that we were gonna collapse and not be able to get up from what's coming next. Now, it's September 22, 2015, and the boys just put their new album up for pre-order. It's called "Made In The A.M." As soon as you pre-order the album, you instantly get their new song called "Infinity," and oh my Jesus, it's so good!
one direction gifHere's my run-down and all the thoughts on the song: You play the song, you hear the first few notes and then there's Niall singing the intro (way to go Niall for landing the beginning). Proud of you Niall! Then you realize, he just keeps going. And you just wanna break out in a celebration because he sang for the first 31 seconds, and that's a big deal. BOOM, there's Liam coming in out of nowhere with his sexy little voice! How could you not love him?! He's going up and down that scale like its his job (well, it kinda is). But just as you stop screaming and getting hyped, here comes Harry. The beginning of the song was quiet and slow, then Harry starts, and it's all loud and a little edgy. There went my ovaries!

And then he starts singing about fixing his heart, and you just wanna raise your hand and tell him that you volunteer as tribute. Wait, did Harry say the word "baby"? Hold on. Infinity. INFINITY. INFINITAAAY. INFINITAAAAaaaAAAAaaaYYY. Then we're back to the verses, and it's Liam singing quietly, softly and seductively. THEN LOUIS COMES IN, and the harmony really picks up, and you've never been more in love with someone's voice in your existence. As he's singing the last "you," there's a little rift that he does, and you freeze because it's angelic. Then there's Harry again opening the chorus, and now you're just fist pumping, jumping around pretending you're at the concert listening to this live.
Here we go again. Infinity. INFINITY. INFINITAAAY. INFINITAAAAaaaAAAAaaaYYY. BEAT DROP. You just know Liam had something to do with that, and his Big Payno ways took over. And then, the chorus starts again, and they all join in. But you can still hear Harry doing those high background notes, and you're having flashbacks to Harry's high notes in "Drag Me Down," and you suddenly had a fetus growing in your stomach from his vocals. And round three starts. Infinity. INFINITY. INFINITAAAY. INFINITAAAAaaaAAAAaaaYYYY.

And then Harry comes in by himself with the last "infinity," and you can't help but recall when he said the last word in the song "18," and it's just about the same thing. The rasp and deep voice, and now you can't help but cry yourself to sleep because you just want the rest of the album to come out, and you're so excited because there are 17 TRACKS! All I have to say is God-speed when November 13 hits.
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